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Getting back into things

Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:37 pm

G'day guys

Im Luka Im from the shire in Sydney and Im 26 years old. Im currently recovering from a heart transplant, Im 4 months post. Even with the bad heart I was always somewhat active and only up until the last 3 months before the transplant, I was still "trying" to surf and keep up with my mates. Now Im feeling 100% better and rearing to go, of course I don't wanna end up back in hospital, So I don't wanna over do it. How quickly did everyone else get back into things ? Even just basic things like lifting weights at the gym, or getting back into some type of social sport ? 

I read Joel's bio and noticed he got back into things pretty fast ? 

Kind regards.

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Re: Getting back into things

Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:14 am

Hi Luka,
Glad to hear the recovery is going well mate.
Exercise is a tricky one as everybody is different.
It also depends on how fit you were going into your op. Also your age is a big consideration. You no doubt have seen the physio and your doing all the basic exercises you’ve been given and now you want to ramp things up.

Check with your doctors as nobody will understand exactly where your at with everything better then them. They’ll give you timeframes and if you want to do something particular like lifting weights which I would not recommend for quite sometime yet. Just ask them that’s what they are there for.

But if all goes smoothly mate in time you’ll be back into just about everything. Just remember with a heart transplant start of slow as your heart rate will take a bit of time to pick up and always warm down after your exercises.

I know this might sound a bit lame for a guy. But Pilates on the reformer is a great rehab. I recommended doing a few 1 on 1 session if it’s ok with your doctor and see if you like it.

All the best mate!


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